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A little bit of everything in a neatly wrapped bundle...

For anyone who wants to know the facts, or as close to facts as myth gets, you could do worse than stick with Arthur Cotterell. The guy is a legend, performing particularly well with Rachel Storm (in a literary sense... don't sue me!) and their Ultimate Encyclopedia of Mythology /(uk) is a cracker. It doesn't include Africa, Oceania or the Americas but covers pretty much everything else which is more than enough to keep your brain engaged for quite sometime. It's easily big enough to chock your front door open too.

If you're looking for a clean sweep of mythology check out the Encyclopedia of World Mythology /(uk). It's the same author, smaller and cheaper, and includes the chapters missing from the 'ultimate' book. Go figure. An even lighter weight option is the Dictionary of World Mythology /(uk) which includes a little bit of everything - just the job for whetting your appetite. Bigger isn't necessarily better.

Myths and legends of the world /(uk) by Kenneth McLeish, is a must have and would give you serious braggers rights, if you could actually find an original, with almost 800 pages and entries indexed alphabetically and by pantheon. It's a sad reflection of the publishing industry's messed up mentality that such an awesome book is currently out of print while shelves the world over are crammed with mediocre pap, or worse. Thankfully second hand copies often pop up at very reasonable prices.

The Facts on File Encyclopedia of World Mythology and Legend /(uk) ups the ante with 1200 fact filled pages but don't fall into the trap i did -- it comes in two seperate volumes -- A to L and M to Z. Both seem to be a hell of a lot cheaper on .com than even taking oversees shipping into account. There's a hint :-)

For those with serious wonga, Charles Russell Coulter's Encyclopedia of Ancient Deities /(uk) wades in with a whopping ten thousand entries. Its constantly fluctuating selling price has been clocked by myself at a mind boggling £300, which given it's 'super rare read' status is no suprise. Try to find a used copy at a (normally) pretty decent price or go for the same authors Dictionary of Ancient Deities /(uk) which is about 250 quid cheaper!

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