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encyclopedia of things that never wereAn encyclopedia of things that never were
written by Michael Page and illustrated by Robert Ingpen.

Covers everything from Adonis to Zombies. Some whine that the entries are not accurate others that they're completely made up. Who cares? The book is rooted in fact and is also a cracking read, being amusing without all the fluff of a regular encyclopedia. Plus the lavishly drawn illustrations are out of this world.

Grimms FairytalesThe complete book of Grimms fairy tales
- an absolute classic!

This book has and will stand the test of time. More a book of fairy tales then a bone-fied work of 'adult' folktale i still remember fondly reading this book when i was a kid. They're all here .. Cinderella, Rapunzel, The Frog Prince to name but three. What are you waiting for?....

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