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Celtic, Slavic, Finnish, Norse ...

If you want a little bit of everything European you can't go wrong with The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Mythology /(uk) by Arthur Cotterell and Rachel Storm which explores Norse, Celtic, Roman and more. It doesn't include Africa, Oceania or the Americas but every cloud has a silver lining and for an extra couple of quid you could pick up their Encyclopedia of World Mythology, which is more ultimate than the ultimate. Go figure!

Myths of the Northern lands / ( by H.A. Guerber covers all of the Norse top Gods plus their Germanic and Saxon equivalents, and has a healthy dose of North European folklore too. Want to know all about Nicors, Undines and Stromkahls? Buy this book.

Mike Dixon Kennedy's Companion to Arthurian and Celtic Myths and Legends is an A-Z of celtic mythology which includes (unsuprisingly!) those associated with King Arthur, who was never a God, by the way. However, this mere formality hasn't stopped him from pummeling his way onto many a mythology site and if you want the lowdown on this glorified folk hero and his swashbuckling associates you best be buying this book.

Slavic mythology books are hard to find, basically because the Slavs didn't write, but there are two cracking reads out there if you can manage to track them down. Cast an eye over Gods of the Ancient Slavs - Tatishchev and the Beginnings of Slavic Mythology /(.uk) by M.T. Znayenko or The Encyclopedia of Russian & Slavic Myth and Legend /(.uk) by Mike Dixon Kennedy. May i suggest you buy both... if you can find them?

Also check out our Ancient Texts section.

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