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Clicking one of the links below will spirit you away to a version of this very website translated into the language of your choice.

Obviously, if you don't speak any English you won't know what i'm saying right now, and probably wouldn't have found yourself here in the first place, in which case i'm talking to a computer screen. I'm going to shut up now.

Click away...

La traduction française de 'Dieux s'est trouvée nu' - (French)

La traducciˇn espa˝ola de 'dioses desvelˇ' - (Spanish)

Traduzione in italiano di 'dŔi a nudo' - (Italian)

Deutsche ▄bersetzung 'der G÷tter lag blo▀' - (German)

Nederlandse vertaling van 'de goden die kale' - (Dutch)

Please bare in mind the original website was coded in English, so non-English words may well make the pages display in a wibbledy wobbledy way. Not my fault!

Can't find what you're looking for or want more info on any god? Use the google machine to scour the new-fangled inter web from this very page. It's like some sort of dark magic...

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