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Look into the.. holy... spinny .. thing

Look hard ... HARDER


The rulers of the netherworld have spoken to me and demanded i ask all visitors to add one of the holy buttons below to their website, along with the words 'www.godslaidbare.com'

The imps of Spiny-moor worked their bones to stumps in the eary darkness to create them, but don't feel obliged, for simple text links also work!

Feel free to link to any page you like, but a homepage link (www.godslaidbare.com) would be very much appreciated. It clocks the hits you see, appeases the Gods when the number thingy goes up and makes their site look special.

They are more than happy to consider links back to your site too, but they are very particular so your site had better be pretty damn fine to even warrant scrutiny.

Can't find what you're looking for or want more info on any god? Use the google machine to scour the new-fangled inter web from this very page. It's like some sort of dark magic...

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