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'Thou shalt not steal!'

Everyone knows Pigs can't fly, wasps can't swim and you can't copyright the English language or beliefs. But thinking of words and the order to put them in to describe these beliefs and hopefully amuse you takes time and makes my brain hurt. I don't like it when people take these things from me and try to convince the world they wrote it themselves, it's not fair. In this day and age of salad bar lifestyle where people are guilty of taking the bits they want willy-nilly and leaving the bits they don't, and where theft from the little man is commonplace, i'm clinging to the thread-like hope that there's still a bit of common decency and courtesy left in the world. Please don't do it.

That said ...

If you're a student, webmaster or billionaire supermodel (in which case special conditions apply) feel free to cut and paste the bits you think are useful. I'm very friendly and don't mind you doing this, but you must mention this site (www.godslaidbare.com) as your source. The gods will know if you've copied entire entries word for word and will be suitably furious. Besides, could you live with the guilt?


This sites contact forms insist you type your email address and by the power of some complex system way beyond my understanding they know if your addy is legit. This is simply to avoid time wasters and spammers. I take privacy very seriously and your personal details will never be abused, sold or otherwise divulged to anyone for any reason. Particulars arriving as part of a message which requires a reply will be locked in my vault until i have time to reply, then i'll swallow the key. For double protection I may even swallow the vault!


This site does use cookies but they're not of the sinister variety. For example, the 'lap of the gods' random entry button uses a cookie to keep track of which pages you have already been to so you are not sent to the same one twice. You can set your browser to reject cookies which simply means you won't be able to use this feature.


Links are more than welcome and please get in touch if you think your site is worthy of a link back. Please bear in mind that my decision on who and where i link to will be final, I am the lore, and no bribe is big enough to sway me... though i am partial to ice cold corona and double chocolate chip hazelnut cookies, so you could always try.

The Guestbook.

The guestbook is where you can leave nice comments if you have enjoyed your visit. All entries will be reviewed before going live and any containing abusive, racist or discriminative remarks or spam will find themselves filed under 'B' for bin. They will also feel the gods wrath. Again, the guestbook requires you to enter your email address to weed out the unscrupulous types but will be masked from public view. Any message that needs a reply should be sent here and please keep it clean and polite or the Holy Pigeon will poo on your car.

Utterly important.

I'm not a rabi, priest, nun, yogi or any type of religious preacher or practitioner. I don't go to church as often as i could. I don't believe in a singular God nor a singular devil but if you do that's great and i'm happy for you. I'm not a Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Buddhist, Rastafari, Jehovas Witness or even Atheist but i view every regions mythology and belief as a great source of entertainment and humour, intentional or otherwise. I'm an outsider looking in and i say what i see but i'm certainly not all knowing and, like the gods, am prone to fits of outrageous stupidity and monumental error. I have the utmost respect for every religion covered (or to be covered) on this site and nothing here is intended to offend, but if you find an entry particularly unsavoury, fail to see the humour of an article or feel as though i've grabbed a stick and pole-vaulted right over the line of common decency please let me know here. I bear no grudges and would actually appreciate the feedback.

If you have any issues with anything on this page or require further info please don't hesitate to contact 'Lee' at GodsLaidBare.

Can't find what you're looking for or want more info on any god? Use the google machine to scour the new-fangled inter web from this very page. It's like some sort of dark magic...

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