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Santa Claus - Last
of the Wild Men

by Phyllis Siefker
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Complete Book of Grimm's Fairy Tales
by Brothers Grimm
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The Stories of Hans Christian Andersen
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Wizardology : The Secrets of Merlin
by Master Merlin
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Encyclopedia of Elves, Goblins and other little creatures
by Piere Dubois
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The Handbook of Slavic Folklore
by Natalie Kononenko
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The Complete World of Greek Mythology
by Richard Buxton
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The Book of Celtic Myths and Legends
by Peter B. Ellis
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From the deities of the big hitting Greeks, Scandinavians, Egyptians and Celts to the little known cultures of Bon, Olmec and Taino, we aim to provide a clean sweep of mythology. No jargon, just facts... and a little fun.

How divine is the Aztec cactus? What happened when Thor went fishing? Is there really a God of vomit? And why was Heracles labouring in the first place?

The answers to these profound questions and many more could be right here.
Come, take a peak at the Gods Laid Bare, they can't arrest you for it!

Our mythology encyclopedia currently lists 1,200 entities but there are zillions more on the way, so please, Bookmark the Gods and check back soon.

the gods laid bare/greek mythology
Greek Mythology - The Gods of Ancient Greece Laid Bare!
(302 entries)
Never ones to let the truth get in the way of a good yarn, the Greeks were spreading stories of their gods and heroes long before the introduction of a writing system. Word of mouth was the order of the day and although early toffs such as Plato tried to convince the public that Ancient Greek mythology was, well, Greek by comparison, they couldn't give a hoot... More>>
the gods laid bare/norse mythology
Norse Mythology - The Gods of Scandinavia Laid Bare!
(371 entries)
The line between Gods and demons which is as clear as the nose on your face in other Pantheons is conspicuous by it's absence in Norse Mythology, with their whole belief not so much a case of good versus evil as order versus chao. The goodly godly types, swamped down with major psycological issues, raised as much hell as the great unwashed... More>>
the gods laid bare/aztec mythology
Aztec Mythology - The Gods of Mesoamerica Laid Bare!
(187 entries)
It was 1100 and the Aztecs were led south into pre Mexico Mexico by Huitzilopochtli, the left-handed hummingbird god of war and death, in search of a new home. They followed his identity crisis straight to lake Texcoco and as they stooped to fill their waterbags they didn't expect an ancient prophecy to creep up on them... More >>
the gods laid bare/japanese mythology
Japanese Mythology - Gods of the Rising Sun Laid Bare!
(163 entries)
200 A.D. The creation of Sushi .. better think of some Sushi Gods. 538 A.D. Korea despached a delegate to introduce Japan to Buddhism. Oh Joy. More Gods. 593 A.D. Prince Shokote pushes Buddhism and 604 A.D. does a u-turn. Confucianism is now 'in' ... Confucianism? Sounds like a religion. Got any Gods? Yes? Lovely! More>>
the gods laid bare/indian mythology
Indian Mythology - Gods of the 'isms' Laid Bare!
(207 entries)
1000 bc saw the arrival of the Aryans from Iran, bringing with them a three tier religion which would come to be known as Hindu. The priests, already closer to heaven, sat pretty right at the top of the tree while the poor tradesman faced a mind boggling 82,000 rebirths before they were even considered worthy of a trip to the promised land... More>>
the gods laid bare/caribbean mythology
Caribbean Mythology - Gods of the West Indies Laid Bare!
(106 entries)
If you think the gods of the caribbean bare more than a passing resemblance to those from Africa you would be right, and it's no coincidence. Forced from their home shores, their captors were in for a bit of a shock when they realised they had taken their gods with them.. More>>
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